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Fragile Storm – Official Trailer

A scared A scared young woman goes to extreme measures to escape the clutches of a terrifying older man only to realize the shocking and heartbreaking truth about why she’s really there.

Starring legendary Hollywood actor Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Millennium), Mackenzie Mason (Halo 4, Last Man Standing) and Jody Jaress (Hollywoodland). Directed by award-winning filmmaker Dawn Fields. Palm Street Films in association with Have Not Films.

JBLM Grace Gospel Communty Support

HNF provides media coverage support to Grace Gospel Church and Treehouse for Kids Organization in an effort to raise awareness to local charities working to improve the quality of life within their communities.

Julia Ling signs on to Shaolin Wing-Chun

California born actress Julia Ling has signed on to play a role in “Shaolin Wing-Chun” currently in development by Have Not Films.

In 2003, Julia Ling made her network television debut on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, playing opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar. Over the next two years, she starred in over 20 independent short films and returned to prime time television in roles on House (FOX) and ER (NBC) in 2006. She guest starred in the recurring role of Kim Tao on the critically acclaimed Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip (NBC). Her next major guest starring role was on the television drama ER, playing the recurring character of Mae Lee Park, a surgical intern. She also guest starred in The O.C., and Grey’s Anatomy. (Courtesy of IMDB)

Morgan Benoit Signs On to Shaolin Wing-Chun

Have Not Films is happy to announce that martial arts expert and action film star has signed on for the Shaolin Wing-Chun project.

Morgan has been involved in the Chinese martial arts for 15 years. Following his passion, at age 18 he moved to China to study at the Beijing Sports University where he mastered Long Fist Kung Fu. Once ascending to the top of his class in just a couple of years, he was admitted to the prestigious Shi Cha Hai sports academy, former training grounds of Jet Li, and many of China’s top Olympic athletes. 

Morgan’s acting credits include: The Forbidden Kingdom, The Devil Within, Kill Shelter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Mercenaries. (Courtesy of IMDB)