10th Moon
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10th Moon

The film opens on Brian Turner, your


The film opens on Brian Turner, your average nerd, and his morning
trek through his rundown neighborhood to the comic book shop that
he owns. Brian’s mild, unassuming appearance cloaks an aggressive
underside that he unleashes when dealing with the local
neighborhood thugs. Today, Brian is hosting a comic book signing,
which is a big deal not only for him, but his grime-encrusted, darkcloud-
cloaked neighborhood.

The day takes an unexpected turn when a strange visitor arrives at
the store selling “10th Moon” comics. Unbeknownst to Brian, the
stranger is none other than the greek god Apollo, who inspired
mankind to greatness through his 9 muses. Right now, however, he
is intent upon sharing a much darker form of inspiration; a series of
stories that capture the best and worst of the human spirit.