Space Racer
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Space Racer

In the distant future a young pilot has to compete in an intergalactic space race to save her mother and the planet earth from a mysterious illness that promises extinction.


Genre: Sci-Fi/Coming of Age

Author: Lyndon Tait & Erik Bernard

Logline: This NASA endorsed Sci-Fi script captures a futuristic story of a young woman struggling against a broken society to become Earth’s first female space racer to compete in an intergalactic race against a galaxy of competitors.

This story begins with 10-year-old Charlie COLT riding shotgun as her father, MR. COLT, races against a blacked-out hypersonic aircraft. Her father beats the aircraft to become the first human to compete in the Intergalactic Race for Luminance. Her father dies in that race and along with hope on Earth.

Charlie grows up and fights the opposition of her widowed mother Grace, who watched her father die racing, and the rest of the population of Earth, who is recovering from plagues and nuclear wars in an effort to repopulate the planet; they feel no woman can be wasted in the high-risk intergalactic race. Our heroine wants to do more than replenish Earth—her dream is to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a space racer.

In a breathtaking race filled with wormhole travel, warp speed, and unrelenting determination, Charlie battles the deadly Draco race and a galaxy of competitors.

Far more than just a film or another Hollywood action science fiction series, Space Racer comes with a purpose and goal in mind. Having a wife who serves on active duty in the Army and a young daughter that truly believes the sky is the limit, we want this project to both sustain and embolden courage and imagination in the young girls and women in our lives. It is our goal to show our audience a future where one brave woman is willing to risk it all to represent Earth against a galaxy of tough competition.

With some societies actively suppressing feminine liberty, we hope our story will fuel the will to drive on—knowing their struggle today supports the possibilities of a future where the same resolve and dedication will enable women to reach even greater heights.

We believe our project will:

•           Raise awareness about gender discrimination and persecution.

•           Help boost self-esteem, self-worth, and heroism in women, young and old.

•           Offer a compelling story to both our target audience and Sci-Fi enthusiast.


This project will propel the female action hero onto the big screen, where few women have been able to battle intergalactic foes. Most importantly, it will inspire young girls and women to aspire and reach higher in molding their identity, whatever that may be.