The Warrior and the Beast
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The Warrior and the Beast

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Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Screenwriters: Erik H. Bernard & Lyndon Tait
Logline: A young man battles the goddess of war to save the world and restore the beauty of a princess in action-packed retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

2014 Page International Awards – (Current Quarter Finalist)
2014 Columbia Gorge – Official Selection
2014 ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Script Contest – Quarter-Finalists
2013 Hollywood Black Film Fest – Action Adventure Screenplay Semi-Finalist
2013 Atlanta Film Festival – Feature Screenplay Finalist
2013 Beaufort International Film Fest – Feature Screenplay Finalist

We have seen women overlook the fur and fangs to find the noble heart of the man within the beast time and time again but, can a man find the virtuous heart of a woman trapped within the same enchanted tale?

The once peaceful Three Kingdoms are under siege. ASHTAR, an immortal, self-proclaimed goddess of dark sorcery has plunged the land into war. The only hope the people have is an old prophecy – one day a saviour will rise and face down the darkness.

A brave man and beautiful woman answers the call and fight their way together through Ashtar defences. This beautiful, brave woman endures the worst betrayal of all, as the man that she loves abandons their bright future for power. Ashstar decides to punish this beautiful woman’s strength and courage by sentencing her to an existence without beauty and without love. Ashtar transforms this beautiful woman to a Beast.

In the present day, a young farm boy’s life is changed when his father is murdered by Ashtar’s Dark Army. This farm boy’s pursuit of vengeance unites him with the Beast and together fulfil the ancient prophecy and unite the people against Ashtar’s Dark Army.

In the final battle between good and evil, a young farm boy and a Beast confront Ashtar and her Dark Army. Whether or not he holds strong will determine the fate of his world, and decide whether he truly can win the heart of the Beast; leaving the fate of the world in the hands of The Warrior and The Beast.